This point connects all personal and professional new year’s resolutions

Rodrigo Demetrio
2 min readJan 10, 2022

Regardless of the aim and characteristics of your new year’s endeavor:

  • a startup,
  • a local business,
  • build online authority,
  • a new full-time occupation,
  • a plan B for the future,
  • a business with a low or high budget.

In all scenarios, there is an interesting point that connected all of them: Repurpose our beliefs.

It may sound slightly couch but is the source of all challenges we have ahead and I‘ll explain why.

Let’s use a popular example when a professional becomes a manager.

After years of doing the same, our natural behavior will move us towards the same routine, focusing on delivery tasks instead of helping the team. No matter how much we force ourselves to change if we don’t repurpose our beliefs we will back to auto-pilot mode what will ruin our personal and professional goals.

Before forcefully pushing ourselves to new habits — what is necessary of course — we need to rewrite our beliefs. In our manager example would be from: My job is not to get tasks done but help our team win.

When we change our beliefs, we can change our habits more naturally towards our goals.

This topic is deeply covered by this article about people who know how to scale up companies. However, I believe that repurposing our beliefs is the starting point for any quest.

We could use the iconic Ted Talk Starting with Why from Simon Sinek to support our process to redefine our beliefs.

Good Luck.




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