Percy Jackson to connect to your kids

I have been using books to connect to my kids. All of us reading the same title. This time we picked the Percy Jackson series.

We had finished Harry Potter and we were looking for something similar, for kids between 10 and 13 years old, following the same characteristics as Harry Porter, action-packed adventure, a fast-moving plot, and pinches of fantasy. Percy Jackson has all of that with Greek mythology as a background.

There is something magical about Greek mythology, unlike Harry Potter’s world that was created a whole new universe, Greek mythology is among us for ages, which means a much deeper plot with content and references spread everywhere.

The story is new, although, is based on real Greeks Gods’ history. Real Gods? Yeah, that may sound strange, however, that’s how we feel after came across many familiar names as Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, during the reading.

The author, Rick Riordan was a teacher of history for 7º grade, which gives to him a full understanding of kids of this age, essential to catch kids’ attention.

Are you prepared to fight against the beasts of the Underworld, meet all Gods in Olympus, and understand a bit more about Greek Mythology? So Percy Jackson is for you.

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