How the hustle of Christmas Celebration helps to raise great kids

A couple of things come to my mind when I think about my childhood, such as Christmas celebrations, campings, and my mom. Inasmuch as I was growing, I realized those family gatherings helped to shape the way I spend my days today, doing the same, hanging out with family.

I love the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Children running all over around, adults playing cards, a rush warm kitchen by the oven, and all dinner preparation. The energy coming from this frenzy — what was the rule in our celebrations — was the backdrop of my early days. Looking back at these moments it is inevitable to imagine how hard it was to find an available bathroom, a quiet room, or a small place to just stay a bit in our bubble.

Although all this craziness might sound awkward today, we grew knowing what patience is, as long as we had to wait for everything, to eat, to use the bathroom, even to play with our own toys. I don’t know if our parents were thinking about that at that time but during these events, we learned the importance of waiting and sharing. Sharing would deserve a special topic because we had to share everything, toys, food, clothes, chair, armchair, couch, arm couch, floor, yelling, aunt’s hugs and bruises, a lot of them.

Insofar as we are living in a fast-paced society with a quick enhancement of technology, a sentiment grows that we may have lived a transition age. Whereas many of us believe that the new gadgets push our kids to loneliness, I would rather think that every childhood has its own enchantment and with some adjustments, we will figure out how to juggle technology in a beneficial way for the next childhood.

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