From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, what nobody noticed at 007 James Bond evolution over the years

Sean Connery’s death made me dig in at his biography photos and after some clicks, it was clear how the beauty standard evolution of the character James Bond has changed, such as less body hair and more defined muscles.

Probably we won’t see again characters like Sean Connery with that amount of body hair again in the movies or you can imagine one avenger with this appearance?

Not just the hair but the muscles evolved for a kind of appearance where the protagonist has to have that Daniel Craig style.

In my opinion, from an ordinary man, hairy like Sean Connery, maybe more because I have one or another hair on the shoulder(so gross isn’t it? no it’s not) and who spends 10, 11 hours a day sitting in front of a PC and relaxes watching Netflix on the couch is an Impossible Mission to get closer of them.

Even Borat seems less hairy in comparison to his old movie, what do you think? Or am I getting crazy?

That conception of beauty is evolving a lot even my kids ask me about that, hey dad why you don’t take off your body hair?

Look I am not supporting men’s body hair at all, I am just thinking what this paranoic about beauty will take us for the next years. Maybe we should just relax a bit enjoy ourselves, be happy and say thank you to Sir Sean Connery for so bravery support all hairy men like him, thank you man, and rest in peace.