Wonderland’s border is getting closer and closer to us

According to Edelman’s research, respondents in developed markets don’t believe working hard will improve theirs lives. The article also brings a different perspective about the subject when compared the elite to the mass population.

Let’s take Australia's example, while the elite holds a level of 68 percent of trust, the mass public recorded 45 percent. Having proofed the growing “trust Chasm” between Elites and the public.

As a Latin American, I am kind of used to fight every day for a better life and I think that is the rule for all third world and now the developed markets are starting to feel all the variables we have been facing since forever.

It’s crystal clear that Wonderland's border is getting smaller and smaller and I don’t think that is bad. Maybe we are in the looming movement to starting to look at what is happening far beyond our reality. We will leave this journey better than we were, I assure you ;)

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