In the age of information overload, which we are all living in, learning to learn is definitely one of the most important skills. That’s why we are surrounded by books and step-by-step techniques to improve that.

Although I really enjoy that kind of enhancement, I am not that guy who likes self-help content. However, I came across a really good content based on an analysis of a bunch of high-performance Judo athletes.

The researcher analyzed around 20 Judo championships and his conclusion was the champions use a range of 6 throws on average.

“What has this research taught us? I believe that there is a very simple lesson to learned from this research. Judo is a game of specialization. You have to use the skills that work best for you. You have to stick to what works and practice your skills until they become automatic responses.”

I have been using books to connect to my kids. All of us reading the same title. This time we picked the Percy Jackson series.

We had finished Harry Potter and we were looking for something similar, for kids between 10 and 13 years old, following the same characteristics as…

Omg I've never heard about Fordlandia here in Brazil, such a great comparison. Other good one is told by my dad when a new Philips executive decided to shut down the Walita brand in the 80s because his perception as an international executive and without our context, Philips brand was stronger than Walita. A couple of months after they had to put back Walita brand again in the market. Context.

I was hooked by your article at first. As a big fan of Jason and DHH I am still kind of intrigued with all that Basecamp repercussion.

All of that started after the name’s list was discovered.

In my humble opinion, they could have managed this situation on backstage, without public statements.

Whoever created or participated in this list creation doesn’t respect the others. This Basecamp’s statement will not change the participants morale.

I did read all DHH’s article that was suggested by one of the comments here but I still think that they could have managed in private.

I would like to agree with DHH’s article if it weren’t for the fact that 4 leaders, heads of area, have left since the statement.

This stampede of old employees demonstrates the company’s defense in this episode was unacceptable.

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